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What format do I need to send files to you?

Ideally as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file, but we can work with other file types as well. The PDF needs to be supplied in single page format without crop marks, not double page spreads (DPS).

How do I send the files to you?

Files below 2.5 Mb can be attached to the form on “Get Started” page and larger files can be uploaded by using our Large File Transfer System.

Can I buy the software?

No, we’ve found things run more smoothly when our design teams do the production, this way you have nothing to worry about, and don’t waste your valuable time with technical challenges. This way we can deliver to you our quick and low cost service.

How do I pay?

We send you a proof of your brochure, and once you're happy with it you can pay by credit card, cheque or BACS transfer, depending on your circumstances.

Do I need any special software to view the e-brochure?

No, IntelliMag™ is 100% browser based and no extra software is required to view your online publication.

Do you charge Monthly or Annual Fees?

No. We don’t charge monthly or annual fees for our standard products, also no hosting fees.

How do I add hyperlinks?

If you create the links on your PDF file yourself these will then be automatically added when we process the file into an e-brochure. Alternatively we can do this for you at a nominal cost. Please ask your account manager for more details.

Can I add Video to my e-brochure?

Yes. The quickest way is to provide us with an FLV (Flash Video File) which enables us to insert it/them directly in your publication’s pages. If you have your videos in different formats we will convert them to FLV at no additional cost. You should check with your account manager for pricing options for video inserts.

Can I add my logo to the ‘skin’ of the brochure?

Yes - Simply provide us with the necessary artwork. Ask you account manager about the specifications.

Can I send my e-brochure using email?

Yes - Simply add the URL of your brochure into the email

Can I track my e-brochure? And how?

Yes – We provide access to a comprehensive online statistics reporting tool and it is FREE to use.

Can I get offline versions of the e-brochures?

Yes – These can be used for on USBs or CDs to send out to clients. There is a charge for this service, check with your account manager for pricing options.

I have more than one publication, can I get a discount?

Yes – If you need to create a large number of e-brochures we can offer discounts against our standard prices. Check with your account manager for pricing options.

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